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The piece that Motoi Sakuraba wrote for the final battle in Golden Sun: The Lost Age is probably one of my all-time favourite boss battle themes due in no small part to how much of a prog nerd he clearly is

It is complex and intense and effectively drives home just how desperate this boss batte really is because honestly

It actually feels completely hopeless

I remember it taking me three solid and well-strategized runs at this fucker before I even destroyed the first head but the intensity of the situation and how drawn-out it has the potential to become, added to how everything over the course of the past two games - all those puzzles and boss battles and time spent hunting down djinn and hours getting emotionally attached to all eight characters in your party - had been leading up to this battle made it one of the most rewarding gaming experiences I’ve ever had

I think I may have started crying when I finally managed to kill that guy

I love the golden sun games i just hope that the 4th one if it ever comes out is longer then the third >_> i was kinda disappointed in it but still had an awesome story to it

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